Phase one complete

Posted in The Experiment on October 29, 2008 by mashakosha

So, phase one was initiated at around 1650hrs today, when I went onto a random public TF2 server, picked a random class and let rip with all I had. I was given Heavy to play as, though it didn;t help that on my entire team, no matter how much I begged, I couldn’t get a half decent medic.

I did manage to get the sandvich though!

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Came through with a kill for every death with a few assists. Not brilliant, but sufficient. I’m not much of a heavy player, hence my recent achievment of the sandvich.

Then at around 12am, I began my Audiosurfing. The first song was the God Hand credits song. The song can be heard here.

God Hand Credits song

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Next up was Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs

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Then I played Midnight Runner by Pendulum. Forgot to get a screen, but the score was around 120k (whereas top scores were in the region of 150k)

EDIT: Got a screen of the score.

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Lemon demon – Kitten is angry was next.

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And finally, Wonderwall by Oasis

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So those are my 5 audiosurf songs and the scores I have to aim for.


Graham Mash is Graham

Posted in The Experiment with tags on October 28, 2008 by mashakosha

If you weren’t in chat when I announced it, I decided this morning that I’d do the apparently failed PCG experiment to see how, if at all, sleep deprivation affects gaming. I’ll be playing TF2 and Audiosurf for definate with possible CS:S, DoD:S, TMUF. You’re welcome to join me if you see me in any of those games dring either period of play time.

I’ll be playing TF2 momentarily and taking pictures of the scoreboard at the end of every full round to show my kill/death/assist ratios. I’ll also be playing through a sequence of 5 Audiosurf songs later tonight, which I will repeat at some point tomorrow. The second round of TF2 will take place at around 12pm tomorrow, again with screenshots taken

The Rules!

I am not to sleep. I’m allowed away from the computer, but I’ll always be present in the chat.

I will be allowed to stay awake by ANY means necesarry.

Audiosurf songs will be chosen by me or members of the PCG chat room. The scores and each song will be screen captured and posted here.

Should I fall asleep at any time, the experiment will be deemed a failure.

Wish me luck.